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The first video I posted to my YouTube channel. Where it all started!

What's This All About??

Last year, I discovered that there was finally a name for a curious phenomenon: the inability to create mental images in one's thoughts had been named "Aphantasia". 


Since 2011, when I first realized that this was a thing, I had met a number of people along my path who reported not being able to create mental images. First, a roommate. Then my cousin. Other family and friends followed. Even back then, I heard my roommate's desire spill forth that he wanted to visually imagine, so I tried to help. My attempts got us no where, so I mostly forgot about it.

Then, Spring of 2018, I saw some new research about the neurology of this curious phenomenon. I thought to myself "well, if that's what's happening in the brain, maybe we can affect it!". So I called up my cousin and asked if she'd be willing to see if we could get anywhere over the course of 7 sessions. After just 3 sessions, we could tell something was happening, and on the 5th was the first breakthrough: her very first intentional visual image.

Thus, I've spent the past year and a half refining this process. I have moved from saying "Let's see if this works" to "I know we can achieve results".

I continue to refine this process as I work with individuals to develop their mind's eye, as well as some light independent research along the way. Join me on the ride!