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​The Boot Camp program was a huge success when it launched back in August of 2019, but since then it has been unutilized. That all changes now!

These revamped boot camps are meant to be brief, intensive, fast tracks to seeing breakthroughs. Here are some of the details of what to expect from the boot camp format.


  • Intensive, 1 week long format

    • Specially designed for those who wish to get their first breakthroughs fast​

  • 3 Group Coaching Sessions

    • Teaching the methods and exercises​

    • Room left at the end for Q&A

  • 1 Private Session

    • To help get further breakthrough​

    • Give you a firm direction on how to grow forwards

Each boot camp will have a specific topic, so make sure that the one you jump into is the one you're wanting.


The boot camps have a maximum of 10 spots, so jump in now to lock in your spot!

Boot Camp Approaching:

Projecting Imagery: the skill of "Prophantasia"

Launching August 17th, 2020!


Spots Remaining

  • 3 Group Sessions

    • M/W/F​

  • 1 Private Session

    • Day of your choice​

  • Prophantasia specific exercises

  • Learn to control your perceptions

  • Money back guarantee!

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IMPORTANT Note: Please be clear before joining on the type of visualization you are aiming to affect. See the diagram, as this will determine which boot camp is right for you.

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