Experimental Testing!

**PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer taking testing participants for this round of testing.

  • Each test iteration could take a maximum of 30 minutes.

  • Iterations will be rolled out randomly over the next 3 weeks or so.

  • The first few iterations will not have any specific results associated with them, we just need to see if the concept is functioning correctly. 

  • You will need a pair of Red/Green 3D glasses in order to participate in the testing drafts.

    • I will be shipping these to you as soon as we complete our 15 minute intro call.

  • Participating will require a $3 booking fee, to help cover expenses of glasses, envelopes, postage, etc)​

  • The booking even comes with a 15 minute chat with me! Perfect for asking any questions you may have.

The test itself is based off of the idea that Binocular Rivalry can be a measure of the mind's eye, as spearheaded by Joel Pearson from the University of South Wales. Check out their publications here: http://www.pearsonlab.org/publications.html

The entry process to the testing round is now closed. Feel free to check back for future info.