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So, you are the type of person who knows that they'd rather learn straight from the source? Then you and I would likely be a good fit. 

I've been very upfront in my content, that as great as all the resources I've created are, that personal coaching seems to be the most effective for people. Part of this has to do with the sheer experience I've accumulated working with 40+ individuals over the past 2 years.

It also is more effective since you have me there with you, helping you to dissect your thought processes as they come to you. This process is challenging without personal coaching, since it's just the person working through their thoughts entirely on their own. 

So read below to fully grasp some of the benefits of us working one-one-one together:


  • You'll be learning from years of experience.

  • With my expertise, I can help you sift through your own thoughts, increasing the likelihood of experiencing a breakthrough.

  • I customize each session I do, taking careful consideration in what seems will be the most effective for that specific individual. 

  • Often times, if we need more time on a session, we'll take it. 

So if you're ready to jump in, and take your visualization training to the next level, click below.

IMPORTANT Note: Please be clear before scheduling on the type of visualization we are aiming at affecting. See the diagram.

Prophantasia techniques require at least a weak mind's eye.

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