Mind's Eye eCourse

Ver. 2.0

But if you're ready to take on the journey of discovering the mind's eye for yourself, then I encourage you to jump in!

​This updated Mind's Eye eCourse 2.0 is specifically designed to be my most complete educational content to date. I've added upon the original concept with new information and exercises, all aimed at getting you a breakthrough in experiencing the mind's eye. 


  • 19 unique informational video lessons, which will help you to lay the foundation for developing a mind's eye.

  • 16 of the most effective exercises, which have been selected from the past 2 years of trial and error.

  • Downloadable journal sheets to help you document any changes

  • Updated questionnaires to help you measure progress

  • Special VIP student access to Mind's Eye Discord Server

  • Applied "student" status, giving you access to discounts on current and future programs.

  • The best part is, this course is now COMPLETELY FREE

I will mention, an eCourse format is not for the uncommitted. Your own self motivation and self awareness will be the driving force of your participation and breakthrough. If you know that you work better with someone guiding you, then my coaching programs would be a better fit.

IMPORTANT Note: Please be clear before joining on the type of visualization we are aiming at affecting. See the diagram. The top spectrum is the area that this course is aimed at developing, not projecting images.

FULL Spectrum Comparison - fixed.jpg

Ver. 2.0


Join dozens who have had breakthrough moments and produce your own!

  • 19 video lessons

  • 16 unique exercises

  • Special access to private student section in discord server

  • Journal Worksheets

  • Audio Examples

  • Mind's eye tests / trials

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