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**Please read entire message, as it contains pertinent information**


I've realized, after continual inquiry of the status of the eCourse, that I wanted to revise this course and open it back up for enrollment.

That being said, I do so with some hesitation. Let's have a little heart to heart, shall we?


I launched the first iteration of this eCourse back in September of 2019, within 30 days, all 10 spots were filled (with an extra 11th slot sliding in on accident). Since launching that course, I haven't able to tell if the students were getting the breakthroughs they had hoped for in joining the course. Let me dive into some of the factors.


  • Partly because life gets busy, and some won't finish the course (I've definitely bought online courses that I have yet to finish).

  • Partly because the students are working on their own.

    • On my coaching calls, it's very easy to see breakthrough with students because I've pretty much heard it all at this point, so I can help someone to navigate to their breakthrough in real-time. In an eCourse, however, the entire experience is up to the individual student's own perception. And without outside input, there may arise blocks to breakthrough that would go unblocked. Or even when a breakthrough comes, since you're the only one that's ever been inside your head it may be easy to write off, and you may miss it.

Please understand, that if you're willing to invest time and money into developing your mind's eye, then I am 120% committed to ensuring that you get the breakthrough that you're desiring. I have no desire to receive people's money without them experiencing what they had hoped for. 

All of that being said, one of the major changes to ver. 1.2 of this course is the addition of "checkpoints". These 30 minute coaching calls are complimentary to the course, and while they're optional, the hope is that I will better be able to help students grow towards their breakthrough.

Though, Version 1.1 is still an option. In this version you get the same eCourse content, but it's devoid of the aspect of personal coaching checkpoints. This version 1.1 is priced significantly lower, in hopes to make the techniques available to a wider spectrum of people. However, I cannot guarantee any success within participating in this version of the eCourse, since there won't be the aspect of coaching. In other words, you have to work through it solely on self-determination and self-awareness, and in doing so attempt to see outside your own perspective, which is extremely challenging. 

Last thing. This course focuses on developing the mind's eye, which is not to be confused with projecting images into the black space when you close your eyes. In other words, most visual imaginers still only see black when they close their eyes, but utilize the mind's eye to visualize. Please study the graphic below, in hopes to clarify the difference between a mind's eye experience and projected visualization.

Please note: the top spectrum is the area that this course is aimed at developing, not projecting images.


So, Depending on which version you feel more drawn to, if you think you're good to progress on your own, or would rather the personal touch of someone who has helped dozens of others, select the appropriate option below...

  • 16 video lessons

  • 9 unique exercises

  • Special access to private student section in discord server

  • Journal Worksheets

  • Audio Examples

  • Mind's eye tests / trials

Ver. 1.1


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