I Regret to Inform You...

If money is going to be a huge issue for you, personal coaching won't be a good fit for either of us. I currently charge a minimum of $300 usd per hour, and as I continue to grow programs, reach, research, and influence, that price is only likely to raise.

I get it though! I've been there myself! Which is why I've put a lot of work into putting together the resources I have. Here's a compilation of my best free resources. 

Also, another place to get connected is on facebook, or my Discord community. There are plenty of others who are going after the same thing that you are!

eCourse 2.0
eCourse 2.0
This is the most comprehensive digital asset that I've created to date. Designed to help individuals achieve their mind's eye breakthrough, this course contains the almost entirety of the methodology I've been creating. And it's absolutely free.
Image by Mauricio Artieda
Info Booklet
Free Booklet
This is an earlier publication where I detail the experience of aphantasia, as well as hand over some important keys to use as a starting place for growth.
Image by Patrick Selin
YouTube Content
Not your average channel. I've worked hard at providing quality content which gives true value. My "Keys" series is definitely a great starting point for those new to the conversation of developing the mind's eye.
Image by Shane Rounce
Social Groups
Social Groups
There are many places to connect within the community of aphantasia and developing the mind's eye! See a list of places below:
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