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A 2-week intensive to get you to breakthrough.

Boot Camps Currently Closed

Group Sessions

The results from the previous boot camp were so great (4 out of 4 students experienced breakthrough in something they'd never experienced before) that I've decided it's time for another one! 


I'm excited to see what results we can achieve together. Apply with the form down below, and take a step towards achieving your mind's eye goals!


Here's what the Mind's Eye Boot Camp entails...

  • Live group teaching done by Alec

  • Learn a variety of important points

  • Discuss what keys exist to ensuring breakthrough while practicing the mind's eye

  • Opportunity for live Q&A

Private Sessions

  • One-on-one coaching, custom tailored to your needs

  • Accelerate breakthrough through an intensive and practical experience

Private Discord Server

  • Interact with other students within the Boot Camp

  • Interact with Alec daily

  • Connect with others to practice together or bounce ideas off

  • Access a collection of other mind's eye related resources

New Tests to

Participate In

  • Binocular Rivalry Test 2.0, VVIQ, Mental Rotation, etc..!

  • These tests will give us an objective measure of the current state of your mind's eye and any progress made.

"I had accepted that that was the way it was. I didn’t comprehend the idea that I was capable to see [mental images] until I went through the sessions. These sessions opened my figurative eyes that with discipline and practice, I could finally start to see what others saw."

-Courtney, Coaching Sessions

What Have Others Said??

Boot Camps are not currently open for enrollment, but you can always schedule a chat with me!

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